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Moon Position

Have you ever wished you could get lucky enough to capture one of those photographs with the moon perfectly positioned over your favorite mountain scene?  Rather than just hoping for good luck, you can use this moon position calculator to plan your photograph.  Enter the date you're interested in, and the position of the moon is shown for times around sunrise and sunset.

Times near sunrise and sunset were chosen to optimize the brightness of the moon relative to the surrounding landscape.  More than 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset, the landscape will be very dark.  More than 1/2 hour after sunrise and 1/2 hour before sunset, the moon will be washed out in the bright sky.
Invalid entries are changed to values corresponding to today's date.

Date: 11-24-2017
The moon is 31% full.

Sunrise occurs at 6:59 RMNP time.
Sun azimuth at sunrise is 116.8 degrees.
Moon position around sunrise.
Moon PositionAzimuthElevation
1/2 hour before sunrise56.7-56.2
At sunrise65.0-51.3
1/2 hour after sunrise71.9-46.2
1 hour after sunrise77.9-40.9
 Sunset occurs at 16:39 RMNP time.
Sun azimuth at sunset is 243.2 degrees.
Moon position around sunset.
Moon PositionAzimuthElevation
1 hour before sunset160.830.2
1/2 hour before sunset168.831.8
At sunset177.132.5
1/2 hour after sunset185.432.4

Help!  What do I do with all these numbers?  Show me an example.
 When will the moon be full?  Show me a moon phase calendar.

Latitude: 40.313    Longitude: -105.65    (RMNP)
GMT offset: 7 hours
Azimuth is in degrees and relative to true north.
Elevation is in degrees.
Negative elevations are below the horizon.

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